Parkinson Creativity Research

Parkinson’s disease is the second-most common neurodegenerative disease, affecting over 15’000 people in Switzerland. The disease progressively impacts brain cells’ ability to produce the neurotransmitter dopamine, leading to a number of symptoms from issues with motor control and cognitive processes (including language and memory), as well as sensory, and emotion regulation. In the last years, attention was drawn to reports of augmented or newly emerging artistic creativity in Parkinson disease patients treated with dopaminergic therapy. This creativity can show itself in a wide variety of areas, e.g. artistic, literary, architectural or culinary, and is often appreciated by patients and their close ones. Creativity empowers patients with Parkinson’s disease to focus on their own resources that are still functioning and helps them to cope better with the disease.

With our research we want to better understand the underlying mechanisms of this creativity. An equally important goal for us is to share the creativity of our patients to encourage the many other persons affected by the Parkinson’s to find their own "creative" way.

Dopamine and the biology of creativity

Parkinson Shortflims

Parkinson Artist Showcase

2022 Showcase Gottfried Schaumberg

Grenoble Museum of Medical Science

Link PastaArt

2021 Showcase Urs alias "The Pasta Man"

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2020 Showcase Hans alias "Heartbrush"

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2020 Showcase Agnes alias "Humble Touch"

2020 Showcase Michael alias "Tropfinson"

2019 Showcase Ruedi

2019 Showcase Silvia

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2010 Showcase Monique Tuosto

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2010 Showcase Antonio Cortina

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2010 Showcase Jacqueline Baillet

2009 Showcase Claudine Naville

2009 Showcase Michèle Cousin

2009 Showcase Claude Collet

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2009 Showcase Cyril Landrot de Rogalski

2009 Showcase Guy Martin-Ravel

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2009 Showcase Jean-Claude Blanc