Experimental Neurology Center (ZEN)

The Zentrum für Experimentelle Neurologie (ZEN) was founded in 2013 in the Department of Neurology at the Inselspital University Hospital Bern to advance Biomedical research in Neurology and bridge the gap between experimental neuroscience and clinical care.  

The vision of the ZEN is to lead excellent academic research dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in brain science and the promotion of health and clinical care.

The mission of the ZEN is to support innovative experimental and translational research through advanced technologies, interdisciplinary education of next-generation of scientist and clinicians and broad knowledge dissemination.


The ZEN offers a creative and interactive environment based on synergies and cross-disciplinary approaches between theoretical, experimental and clinical neurosciences. The ZEN Labs have a long-standing expertise in Neurophysiology, Neurodegeneration, Neuroimmunology and Computational Neurosciences. The ZEN benefits from its location in the INSEL Campus and the partnership with the Hospital, SITEM-INSEL, Neuro-engineering labs (Artorg), NeuroTec and start-ups that unique in Switzerland.