The main goal of our research is to better understand seizure dynamics. Seizure dynamics denotes how seizures begin, how they propagate and how they terminate. We study seizure dynamics by combining visual and quantitative EEG analysis. We have successfully applied different mathematical methods such as random matrix theory, graph theory, symbolic dynamics and hyperdimensional computing. The goal is to identify the patterns of electrical brain activity that have to be stabilized or suppressed - by pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions - to either prevent or abort epileptic seizures.

More recently – and promoted by the newly established NeuroTec center at sitem-insel -  we have started to test novel devices that enable the transfer from a hospital- to an outpatient-centric neurology. To this end we collaborate with research organizations and industrial partners to develop energy-efficient and robust methods for the analysis of digital biomarkers of epilepsy and sleep.